An Assessment of the Effects of Poor Attic Ventilation by Far West Roofing

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Today we're going to take a look at a house that was built recently that does not have attic ventilation and we're going to look at the effects that this has on a roof.

"Gosh, 170 °F in the summer!"

So black roof and as we look at that this roof on a hundred degree day gets to about 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Directly underneath these shingles is a half inch piece of ply wood. This shingle here if you take a look at this roof it does not have any ventilation right along the ridge. Compare it to the house in the distance where you can see five of those little vents right up on the top. We can also see on that chapel back there and on that house over there you can see vents right along the top and that chapel right along the top we have a ridge vent. The purpose of those vents the hot air in this attic rises up and it gets trapped at the top here if there is no ventilation to allow it to escape, that's what we're dealing with here. And what happens, when we look at this shingle roof we can see "Gosh, 170 °F in the summer!" this tar over here becomes very brittle these shingles are brittle these granules are eroding like crazy!

DYI 1 vent per 150 sq. ft. is required

You can there down in those gutters down at the bottom there, see all the granules in the gutters that have washed off the shingle roof. With that erosion of-course it exposes the asphalt. Eventually the asphalt breaks down, all the silver we see here is the fiberglass in these shingles. This happens prematurely happens really fast when we have no attic ventilation. You can also see that all these shingles have blown off on this roof in multiple locations. The vent flashing's (pipe vents) have perished and (the rubber seal) has cracked. You can see what those look like when we look in the hole straight down into this persons house. This is what you can expect, ( "let me see if I can get a better picture for you and see what that looks like going straight down into these folk's home" ) on your home if you do not have adequate attic ventilation.

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  1. Ron Pickle on November 8, 2017 at 7:06 am

    Poor attic ventilation leads to lots of problems, specially in your most expensive investment i.e roof. Poor roof ventilation could lead to lots of moisture and this can lead to the complete destruction of the entire roofing system. Then ice dams could be created because of poor ventilation which again can cause major damage and in the absence of proper ventilation, during summers, the trapped heat inside would make air conditioners work a lot and lead to higher energy bills.

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