Salt Lake City Roofers

If you conduct a quick search on Google, you’ll find many Salt Lake City roofers to choose from. All of them will claim to be the best and most professional, which can make it difficult to choose the right roofer company for you. In a place like Salt Lake City that experiences a lot of snowfall, picking the most suitable roofer can be very important. After all, you don’t want to be paying twice for the same roofing service because your first roofer didn’t do a good enough job. In addition to the extra cost, shoddy roofing jobs expose your home to damage from unfixed issues such as leaks as well as external weather issues. 

Thankfully, there are things you can look out for to differentiate between all the Salt Lake City roofers out there to select the best one for you, regardless of whether you need service for commercial roofing or residential roofing. In this article, we’ll go over some important considerations that you should keep in mind while choosing a roofer company. These include things like cost, level of experience, recognition received for work, proximity to you, etc. 


salt lake city roofers

When Do I Need to Start Looking for a Roofer?

Roofing services are generally required when your roof has suffered some wear and tear, either through the passage of time, exposure to adverse weather conditions, unforeseen incidents, etc. 

Your roofing needs will vary greatly based on the material of your roof. New roofs, especially those made of a durable roofing material such as a steel, clay, or metal roof, are more resistant to damage and only require some maintenance every year or two. However, roofs with shingles, such as an asphalt shingle roof, need to be repaired more often due to broken, damaged, or blown off shingles. 

Other common signs that your roof needs some attention include discoloration, sagging shingles, mold or moss growth on your roof, ceiling or wall stains, granules in the gutter, etc. If you notice shingles lying around, or if you feel your HVAC system has not been working as efficiently as before, you might want to get an appointment for a roof inspection. 

Independent Contractors and Roofing Companies 

For those in such a situation that are wondering who the best roofers near me are, we need to first distinguish between independent roofing contractors and roofing companies. Roofing contractors usually comprise of one person who takes on projects, often specializing in specific roofing services. A roofer company is an entire establishment which employs contractors and other workers to provide a bigger range of professional services. 

Independent contractors can be useful for minor jobs that don’t take too long to complete and having one point of contact makes things convenient. However, for more important jobs like new roof installations, a roofing company will work faster, better, and is more likely to honor warranties. They also provide discounts and other free offers which independent contractors usually don’t. For example, we at Far West Roofing are a roofer company that provides services at reasonable costs and have a team of roofers at our disposal. We offer free estimates for roofing work needed on your home along with other guarantees based on the service you avail from us. 

Don’t Just Focus on the Cost

When looking for roofers, it can be easy to focus overwhelmingly on the cost of service charged by various professionals. While roofer quotes and staying on budget are extremely important. It’s possible to have an expensive roofing contractor do bad work and vice versa, making it essential to keep other factors in mind while choosing a roofer company too. 

The first major thing you’ll want to examine is level of experience. How many years or decades has the roofer been working in your area? Do they have samples of their previous work or a copy of their license to verify experience levels? Each home has a unique roofing system that is in some state of disrepair. Having an experienced roofer at your disposal makes it more likely that they will have worked on roofs similar to yours. It will also ensure that they will do a faster, more efficient job that does not inconvenience you by dragging on forever.

Another important factor besides roofer quotes is to see what guarantees and offers different roofers give you. For example, we at Far West Roofing provide a 5-year leak-free guarantee with every new roof installation along with all the standard manufacturer-issued warranties on materials. We also offer free consultations if you’ve had your home inspected by us. Lastly, we price our services at competitive rates to give customers the best deal possible for them. These offers and guarantees can significantly reduce your costs in the long run and can help justify the price tag of good but expensive roofer companies. 

A third relevant factor is availability and proximity. Roofers near you are more likely to be available at a schedule that is suitable for you as compared to one that is further away. This is especially true for seasons like winter when scheduling work can be particularly tricky. To ensure that things go smoothly, design a timeline for completion of your roofing project and work with your roofing company to ensure the work is done on time. In case of unexpected exigencies, a roofer near you is likely to find it easier to reschedule. 

Lastly, look for roofers that have specific experience in dealing with roofing issues that are common in your area. For example, Salt Lake City gets about 54 inches of snow every year, which is double the US national average. As such, it’s imperative that your roofer be well-acquainted with roofing issues that are caused by excessive exposure to snow, water, winds, etc. This will help you stay safe and keep your home in good condition for longer. Also, if you require roofing work urgently, such as emergency roof repair after a calamity, a contractor close to you is more likely to help you immediately. 

Consider Far West Roofing 

Among all the Salt Lake City roofers out there, we believe we check all the boxes for a good professional roofer in the area. We have close to three decades of experience working on roofing projects with high customer satisfaction. 

We have been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, and we’ve also been honored with the ‘Best of State’ award five times in recent years for our contributions to improving quality of life in the state of Utah. The reason behind such success is our customer-first approach which involves extensive listening and planning with clients to ensure that they receive the services they need in a timely and affordable manner. 

We offer a wide range of services that includes roof repair, roof replacement, replacing gutters, preventive maintenance, weatherproofing, insulation, etc. Our staff has been trained by leading manufacturers such as Carlisle, Fibertite, etc., and we utilize only top of the line materials while working on projects. We also take all relevant safety precautions to protect both ourselves as well as you and your family. 

We’ve been working in Utah, and specifically the Salt Lake City area for many, many years now. This gives us a keen understanding of the problems faced by residents of Salt Lake City along with the experience to fix any issue that comes our way. With us, you can be rest assured that you’ll receive quality roofing service at great prices. Unlike other companies, our roofer quotes don’t include unnecessary services and add-ons that force you to pay extra for things you don’t require. We compile our estimates after gaining thorough insight into the needs of our customers through inspections and conversations so that everything in the project is carried out the way you prefer. 


Salt Lake City is teaming with roofers that all claim to be the best and most professional in town, but you shouldn’t take their word for it. There are many things one can check for before deciding on a roofer company beyond what price they quote you. These include how experienced the roofer is, whether they’ve been working in the Salt Lake City Area and have a license to prove it, what guarantees and offers they provide, how close they are to you, etc. 

All of these are essential considerations when picking a roofer company, and we at Far West Roofing Company believe that we tick all the boxes, regardless of the project you need done. We’ve been working in the Area for decades now, we offer free inspections and quotes for your roof, and we’ve been duly recognized for our work through the Better Business Bureau’s A+ rating as well as five Best of State awards. We truly believe that our work is among the finest in Utah, and if you have any roofing issues that need attending, don’t hesitate to call us. Be it roofing repair, roof coating, or dealing with any form of roof damage, we’ll do a great job for you.