Draper Roofing

In 2019, Money Magazine featured Draper, Utah on their list of the top 100 best places to live in the US, and for good reason. There is much to love about the city. Draper is home to many up-and-coming tech startups as well as established campuses, making it an attractive destination for those involved in this industry. 

The city falls on the west side of the Traverse mountains, with South Jordan lying on its northwest border. Draper is renowned for its natural landscapes and hiking trails. It is also only about half an hour away from Salt Lake City. As such, it attracts many Americans looking to shift their base. If you’re looking to move there, or already live in Draper, we at Far West Roofing want to help ensure that your home in Draper is in the best condition possible through our top-of-the-line roofing services. 

Roofing is one part of our house that we rarely think of because it rarely enters our field of vision unless we actively decide to look at it. However, this leaves you vulnerable to roof leakages and other issues as your roofing ages over time. At best, some roof repair might suffice, but at worst, you may need to replace your roof entirely. This can be an expensive affair, and you’ll want the best in the business to be handling your roofing needs. 


We at Far West Roofing are here for exactly that, and this blog discusses all the typical roofing problems faced by residents of Draper along with how we can assist you in combating them at a fair price. 

The Weather in Draper 

One of the things that makes Draper a great place to live is that the skies here are clear for close to two-thirds of the year, making for beautiful weather to enjoy its outdoor activities. 

However, it rains all year round in Draper, and it also experiences a significant amount of snow with an average of approximately 34 inches a year. 

In addition, parts of Draper can get very windy, and this allows for many fun adventure sports such as hang gliding and paragliding. In fact, Draper is known for being one of the best spots in the country for experiencing these recreations. Unfortunately, these windy conditions can severely impact your roofing, as we’ll explain below.

How long do roofs last?

Roofing lifespans can vary wildly depending on factors such as which material is used, whether the low or high-quality version of that material was used, what kind of weather conditions it is exposed to, the workmanship of the roofing contractor, etc. 

For example, an asphalt shingle roof will last about 20 years, but metal roofing can survive for up to 50 years when maintained well. Wooden roofs last for approximately 30 years, but need regular care and maintenance due to their susceptibility to fires, termites, mold, etc. 


Other materials such as slate roofs, clay roofs, concrete roofs, and copper roofs all last a lifetime. However, these materials are expensive, and their weight means that you might need to consult a structural engineer to determine whether your home can withstand the stress. 

Common roofing issues in Draper 

As we’ve mentioned, Draper gets a lot of rain, snow, and wind, and all of these weather conditions will affect the longevity of your roofing. 

The rain and snow can both cause leaks, which is among the most common roofing issues faced by homeowners. However, they aren’t always apparent to the naked eye without a thorough roof inspection. Leakages can be hard to detect because they’re often minor, and most of us are unlikely to notice until they result in black mold growing in your attic, which can be deadly for human beings. Improperly installed roofs or flashing can exacerbate the issue, so you’ll want to be double sure that there are no insidious leaks slowly destroying your home. 

The snow in particular can also cause gutter damage, your flashing coming off, and cracks in the roofing as a result of ice accumulating on it. The water from the snow can also become trapped in between your roofing and the insulation, leading to serious damage over time. In extreme cases, your roof may even cave in due to the weight of the snow, thus requiring a roof replacement. 

The windiness of Draper poses many problems for your shingles, which can easily break off or become loose. This is not just because of the force of the wind, but also because the wind and moisture from the rains together erode the sealant that helps attach the shingles to your roof. This can leave you and your family dangerously exposed to the vagaries of weather in Draper. 


Far West Roofing does plenty of roof repair in Draper and neighboring areas because of how common these issues are in the vicinity. Even if you don’t think anything is wrong with your roof, it never hurts to have a professional have a look so that you can rest easy. If nothing else, you can have some routine maintenance done on your roofing to increase its lifespan and avoid bigger costs down the road. If you choose to consult us, we’ll provide you with an in-depth report to make sure every part of your roofing is in good shape. 

Why Choose Far West Roofing?

Choosing a roofing contractor to consult for any issues you might be facing is an important decision considering the costs involved. Less experienced roofers will often try to sign you up for more repairs and roofing services than you need. However, we at Far West Roofing only commence work after extensively examining your roof and having a conversation with our customers about the best course of action for them. 

All of our work is also carried out by experienced professionals who have the highest quality materials and equipment at their disposal. This ensures that you aren’t left with a shoddy job that might leave your house in an even worse condition than if you hadn’t bothered at all. This is why its important to hire a trusted roofing contractor that will give you the bang for your buck. Far West Roofing offers several services for residential, industrial, and commercial roofing jobs, they are:

Roof Repairs 

Unless you’ve recently suffered through a natural calamity, in most cases some roof repair will resolve any issues you’re facing. Due to the weather conditions in Draper, we do a lot of roofing repair work in the area. Some of the most common issues we come across are broken or loose shingles, leaks, damaged or clogged gutters, etc. 

As we’ve mentioned, not all of these issues are readily apparent, so if its been a while since you had someone take a look at your roofing, we would be happy to assess your roof for free. 

Roof Installation or replacement:

In some cases when your existing roof has suffered extensive damage, either due to cataclysmic events or the passage of time, replacing or installing a new roof is the only course of action available. However, this is a costly affair which requires much research and deliberation. Thankfully, we at Far West Roofing have been undertaking roofing projects like these for decades now. If you decide to consult us, we’ll help you get through the process of installing a new roofwith minimal hassle or inconvenience to your daily routine. 


If you’re lucky and your roof is in good shape with no real issues, you can nevertheless take some steps to significantly extend the life of your roofing. One of these is to regularly have some maintenance work done on your roof. Inspections, with careful focus on areas susceptible to leaks such as flashings, checking if any re-coating is required, etc., are some of the things we do as part of routine maintenance. If you’re still unsure, remember that roof maintenance work is tax deductible, and the entire cost can be written off. 

Installing or repairing rain gutters

Rain gutters are extremely important to your home. Defective or clogged gutters can pose serious risks for you and your family because they weaken the foundations of your home through the accumulation of cracks or by attracting wood-eating insects. If you suspect that your gutters are damaged in any way, call us today and we will provide you with a swift fix for it. 


Draper, Utah is a gorgeous city for many reasons. It is industrious, its conditions are ideal for adventure sports, and it abounds in natural beauty. However, the weather in Draper can pose problems for your roofing, and you’ll want to know of a reliable contractor before you’re in need of one. 

We at Far West Roofing have decades of experience providing excellent roofing services to our clients, be it for commercial roofing or for residential roofing. Our quality work has been recognized by several organizations. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we also won the ‘Best of State’ award for five consecutive years over 2016-2020. Roofing issues are inconvenient and frustrating, but a good roofing contractor can make things much simpler, and we at Far West Roofing are just one call away for any roofing service you need.