Roofing Company In Lehi

Lehi City


Lehi is a Utah County city that is located just beyond the point of the mountain. Settled by Mormon pioneers in 1850 at that time it was called Dry Creek. A few more name changes took place over the next couple of years such as: Sulphur Springs, Snow’s Springs, and Evansville before finally becoming Lehi in 1852. Today it is the 5th fastest growing city in the country and had a population of nearly 70,000 in 2019. Lehi has become a premier technology and commercial center which has led to rapid growth and high roof installment demand. Many companies are now based right here, including Adobe, I.M. Flash, Xactware, Microsoft, Vivint, Oracle, and Xango. Lehi is also home to Thanksgiving Point, a unique destination offering museums, restaurants and shopping. 


Lehi Weather


Utah Lake is located just to the south of Lehi. The Jordan River runs through Lehi and is bordered by the Wasatch Mountains to the East and the White, and Oquirrh Mountains to the West. These features as well as being nearly 4500 ft above sea level make for extremely cold and damp winters as well as hot humid summers. Because of these conditions it is recommended that you choose your roofing system on your home or commercial property with care.  Far West Roofing has taken the time and effort to have their employees get the best possible training and certifications straight from the leading roofing material manufacturers. This allows us to offer the very best warrantees available.  No matter what type of roof you need we will provide you the best workmanship and back it up with the best guarantee. 

Professional Roofing Services


Are you in need of roof replacement, roofing repairs, expert leak detection, or quality roof installation service? Far West Roofing, Inc. has been providing Lehi, Utah with expert roofing services you can always depend on since 1995. 


Lehi Residential Roof Repair 


Need to get a few more years of life out of your existing roof? Far West Roofing Is more than happy to help you protect your home and repair leaks in your roofing system. If your roof isn’t that old but has a few missing shingles we’ve got you covered. Most roofing companies look for any reason to tell you that you need an entirely new roof. We are more than happy to help you extend the life of your existing roof so that you can get the most value for what you already paid for. We believe in giving our customers the service that they value the most so that we can establish a long-term relationship with each of our customers in Lehi.


Residential Roof Replacement 


Is it time for a new roof? Do your shingles look worn out or are they curling on the ends? Perhaps the granules on your roof’s shingles that once protected from harmful UV rays have washed down to your gutters clogging them with debris and are causing them to sag. Are all the seals on your roof pipe jacks cracked and eroding away? This can expose your home to water damage every time it rains or snows in Lehi. If your roof is over 15 years old maybe it’s a good time to call Far West Roofing so that we can give you a fair and honest assessment of your current roofing system’s condition. Schedule your free no obligation consultation today. 

Apartment Condominium Roofing and Repair 


Lehi, Utah is growing fast, and that means condos and apartments are everywhere. Far West Roofing works with mini property management companies to ensure that their apartment complexes or condominiums have a sound roofing system to protect their property. Far West Roofing has the manpower, equipment and experience to provide timely and dependable roofing and repair services. We can take care of both pitched and flat roofing systems as well as the gutter systems for all your properties that you manage. We provide routine maintenance so that you don’t need to worry about the condition of your roof. We will stop the leaks in most cases before they even occur by providing routine inspections and repairs. When you do need a roof replacement, we will remove and dispose of the old roofing system and replace it with a new durable system in a timely, efficient manner.


Residents do not have to be bothered by the loud noise of construction for long periods of time. We will minimize disturbance and take care of your roof in a timely manner. We take special consideration to dispose of nails and other waste created with a roofing project. Generally we will lower waste directly into the dumpster with our crane if the location permits. 



Commercial Roofing and Repair 


Do you have an office building, factory, manufacturing plant or warehouse that needs a new roof? Contact the professionals at Far West Roofing. We have the equipment, manpower, and the experience to manage your roofing project in a timely and efficient manner. We are trained and certified by the leading manufacturers in the roofing industry including: Dura-Last Fibertight, Certainteed, Carlisle, and Dibiten. Our training and certification allows us to provide the best roofing warrantees available. Because we have  our own conveyor truck and crane we can supply and load your roof with materials without having to hire a third-party. This cuts costs to you and means we have a more flexible schedule. We can also remove your old roofing system by crane. This prevents debris getting scattered about your property or falling onto and damaging your property or your employees as well as your own vehicles. We at Far West Roofing make sure that our project doesn’t disrupt your day-to-day business routine. We are equipped with the proper machinery, man power, and experience to take care of any job large or small in the most efficient manner. Get back on track ASAP. Call Far West Roofing today for your Lehi project. 


Commercial Routine Maintenance & Repair 


When you see signs of leakage in the interior of your building, usually thousands of dollars of damage has already occurred. Depending upon the size of a leak, that figure can be in the tens of thousands. Don’t be susceptible to that type of disaster. Be proactive and call Far West Roofing. We can set up routine inspections and maintenance so that you don’t get caught off guard with costly repairs when you least expect it. We will keep your roof in tiptop condition so that you do not have to worry about water damage or the delays it might cause. Weather, especially in Lehi can slowly erode elements of your roofing system and before you know it you have a leak. But this kind of thing won’t happen with Far West Roofing on the job because we spot these things in most cases before they occur. We’ll replace those elements or put down a new layer of protective sealant on schedule allowing you to get the very most out of your current roofing system. Keep your building’s interior safe from damage, have Far West roofing come out so we can maintain its integrity to extend its maximum life.