Issues with poorly installed diverter, step shingle or kick-out flashing

This is Doug with Far West Roofing, Inc.

Today we are gonna look a diverter, step shingle or kick-out flashing and what we see as we looked from the ground is we saw the stucco that is cracking and peeling, like you can see right along there, this happens to be an area right along side the gutter, and it often gets blamed on this end-cap on the gutter right there. Folks think it leaks water into the incorrectly Installed Divert-er Step Shingle or Kick-out Flashing.

Now often that is the case but more often than not the leak is right here you see this piece of metal that's been installed here it function is to take the water that comes down the valley and divert or kick it out into the gutter and that's primarily and it may look like it's in pretty good shape but right in that corner right there is a pin hole, not very big but it's enough and looking at the angle of this it's enough water to siphon through there and get down behind the stucco. If I can show that there behind the stucco and then leak into this pop out area here and cause that kind of damage. These kick-out flashing are essential. What we often find is that they are either not installed or installed incorrectly. Typically what you'll notice is damage like this, discoloration, cracking of the stucco below this location. If you see something like that on your roof give us a call and we can take a look at it.

Again Doug with Far West Roofing, Inc. and thanks for watching

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