Leaks Caused by Incorrect Fascia Tie In

This is Doug with Far West Roofing

and today I will be talking to you about the fascia tie-in detail on a roof. To clarify, a "Fascia tie in" is the area on a roof where a fascia board tie's into a shingle roof as seen in this video. Often it's below a valley. In this video attempts have been made to do a repair at this location as is evident from the sealant shown. This repair does not look very professional. Installing sealant like this does not solve the problem. In the fascia tie in detail, there is a metal sheet we call a flashing that is supposed to prevent water from leaking at this location. This is more often than not done incorrectly. It is a very common problem that roofers do not install this flashing properly. Evidence of incorrect installation of fascia tie in flashing is that you can see a bow in the shingles that is indicating that the ply wood underneath is rotten or soft and that is as a result of the water leaking from this fascia tie in this area. If you have leaks in your living room close to your front entry way, and usually this happens on a split level home, if you see a fascia tie-in detail in that vicinity and you see any kind of bowing on your ply-wood, its usually a good indication that that's the problem right there. I do not recommend you attempting a repair here as many roofing contractors get this wrong in the first place. Our technicians are highly trained to repair this detail. Call us and we can help.

Again this is Doug with Far West Roofing and thanks for watching


  1. Andy & Darlene Rigler on September 26, 2017 at 8:06 pm

    This was a very informative FYI. We would have never known or understood a leek like this. To be able to get a heads up about your roof having a cause to leek is priceless. We have had some “water damage” in our basement that’s been very expensive to fix. I’m sure to fix a roof with water damage is very expensive. Nowvi will know what to watch fur!! Thank you Far West Roofing!!

  2. Donovan on September 27, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    Great advice. Thanks for your expertise

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