Negative Effects of not Installing Ice and Water Shield

tonight we're going to take a look at a asphalt shingle roof that should have had ice and water shield does not have it and what effects this has on the roof. so if you can take a look at this roof surface right here, one obvious problem that it has that you can see right away is that it bends upwards. like this so if you look at the edge you can see how the bottom shingle remains parallel with the slope of the roof and has we get down here you notice that that's not the case.

As water gets here it runs backwards underneath this drip edge, so if you take a look there we can see how rotten this wood is inside. See all the granules and dirt that has been washed back there as a result water pours out on this soffit area right here you may even notice rain water coming out in between the rain gutter and the soffit right there and dripping down.

If this is something you see on your roof water stains on the soffit shingles that are bowing like this, no ice and water shield. That would be a black membrane that would be adhered directly on top of the drip edge underneath the top layer of shingles and your starter shingle if you dont see that and you notice this you see water coming out behind the soffit area that would be a great call for us something that we could assist you with.

Once again Doug Cooper thanks for watching

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