Utah Rain Gutter Installation

Rain gutters are one of the most important, yet most often overlooked, components of a safely waterproofed house. Your gutters serve several important purposes, and proper rain gutter installation can ensure your gutters perform their critical functions for as long as possible. Far West Roofing is proud to offer professional rain gutter installation and additional gutter maintenance services for our local clients.

Choosing the Right Rain Gutter Installation Team

Investing in new gutters for your home is a major investment, so it is important to do your research before agreeing to any rain gutter installation services. Investigate the provider you have chosen to ensure they hold all necessary licenses and professional credentials. Look for reviews from past local customers and consider seeking recommendations from friends, family, and neighbors if they recently had new gutters installed.

It’s vital to choose the right installation team for your new rain gutters. Many homeowners have sustained significant property damages and financial losses due to poorly or incorrectly installed rain gutters. At Far West Roofing, we want our local customers to understand the value of choosing professional installation for residential gutter systems.

Why Do I Need Professional Rain Gutter Installation?

The rain gutters around your home are vital for water control and the prevention of serious water damage. Across the US, one of the leading causes of damaging basement leaks is damaged or poorly installed rain gutters. When water does not divert correctly through a home’s gutter system, it will follow the path of least resistance and eventually reach the home’s lowest levels.


Basement leaks caused by poorly installed or damaged rain gutters will damage the home’s foundation. This can lead to extremely costly repairs, including structural replacements, slab crack repairs, and basement waterproofing. Depending on the layout of your home and the topography of your property, it is also possible for wooden structures inside your home, such as structural framing, paneling, and even staircases, to sustain water damage, eventually rotting and deteriorating.


Damaged and poorly installed roof gutters will also lead to roof damage. If gutters are not fastened to the roof’s eaves correctly, the fasteners could damage parts of the roof and allow moisture to enter the roof bed. When gutters flood and allow water to creep back over the roof’s surface, this can also cause water damage. In the winter, overflowing or clogged gutters can cause ice dams, large sheets of ice caked in layers at the lower edges of a roof.


Rain gutter problems like these can only lead to costly damage and serious safety hazards. Ice dams can grow large enough to detach very suddenly from the roof, potentially striking someone below. Overflowing gutters can also cause water to drip and splash onto walking paths and driveways, where it freezes to form a serious slipping hazard.


Finally, professional rain gutter installation can also defend your property from pest invasion. Many types of invasive animals, from insects and birds to squirrels, mice, and raccoons, can take advantage of water damage to make their way inside a home. This is especially common in colder weather when wildlife will seek refuge from dropping temperatures. Pest infestations can easily lead to serious health hazards for everyone in the home, and some pest infestations can go unnoticed for a long time and lead to costly damage.

Rain Gutter Installation

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Benefits of Properly Installed Rain Gutters

When you choose a professional rain gutter installation company like Far West Roofing, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get maximum value for your investment. Properly installed rain gutters can prevent severe water damage, prevent pest problems, and keep a property safer all year long. A good rain gutter installation team can recommend additional features for rain protection that is fully customized to your home and property layout.


A professional rain gutter installation team is ideal when building a new property. Rain gutters are crucial for preventing water damage during and after construction. A good rain gutter installation team will work closely with a homeowner and their contractor to determine the ideal timing for rain gutter installation during the building process. When a homeowner needs to repair or replace gutters, a professional installation team can help them determine whether any existing gutters are acceptable to stay or if a full replacement is a safer and most cost-effective option.


Typically, full replacement is the best choice if your current rain gutter system was improperly installed or if it is very old or damaged. Your rain gutter installation team can help you determine which gutter system options would be best for your property. At Far West Roofing, we evaluate a property’s slope and natural drainage to determine the best placement of downspouts and water diversion structures.

Additional Gutter Services From Far West Roofing

Selecting a professional rain gutter installation team can ensure your rain gutter system performs its best all year long. However, it’s worth considering some of the additional gutter services your team can provide. Gutter cleaning and maintenance are difficult, and not every homeowner can handle these chores themselves. Professional gutter maintenance several times each year can ensure your gutters are not clogged and liable to cause water damage to your property.


It’s also possible to have gutter guards or gutter shields installed. These simple yet very effective devices attach to the tops of your gutters and only allow rain and melting snow to enter. This prevents your gutters from clogging as only very small particles can pass through the gutter guards, and they have then easily swept away into the downspout.


Eventually, your new gutter system could sustain damage from hail or high wind and require professional repair. It’s a good idea to consult the installation team that handled the initial gutter installation as they will know exactly what to look for to ensure a complete and safe repair.

Choose Professional Rain Gutter Installation

Whether you’re building a new home and choosing its first gutter system or replacing existing gutters, professional installation will ensure you get maximum value from your purchase. Properly installed rain gutters provide optimal protection from rainwater and melting snow. When your gutter system is poorly installed, broken, or compromised due to poor maintenance, your home could potentially sustain extremely expensive water damage.


A professional rain gutter installation team like Salt Like Roofing can help you choose the ideal gutter options for your property. Our team knows how to install the latest gutter systems professionally to ensure the best results, including gutter guard installation that makes rain gutter maintenance easy and stress-free. If you are ready to have new gutters installed on your home, contact Far West Roofing today to learn more about our professional rain gutter installation services.

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