Why Roofing Maintenance?

As it gets warmer and the rainy season nears it's time to focus on your property's exterior as harsh weather can cause a lot of wear and tear on a roofing system. Preventive roof maintenance will keep your building interior safe from costly water damage, extend the life of your roof and help to avoid costly repairs later on down the road.

  • Gutter repairs & cleaning
  • Inspect skylights, chimneys and pipe flashing
  • Inspect all roof flashing
  • Inspect shingles condition
  • Inspect for algae growth and decay
  • Check for proper ventilation.
  • Replace any blown off shingles
  • Check for signs of damaged roof decking
  • Provide a detailed list of all finding with our recommended repairs
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Save Money & Keep Everyone Happy

The maintenance technician or property management company is responsible for keeping the apartment property running properly to keep all its tenants comfortable with quick solutions to all maintenance issues.

How ever when it comes to the roof of your apartment or condominium building, it is recommended that this be handled by a licensed professional.

Appartment Routine Maintenance

To ensure that your roofing system is being properly maintained and with longevity in mind, here is our list of preventive maintenance measures for an apartment or condominium building

Rain Gutter Cleaning

Thoroughly clean all debris from your roof and gutter system: 

At least twice a year, you should have some one check the roofs for any debris. By keeping the roof surfaces clear of debris, dirt, and organic growth, toys tree branches and leaves ensures that your roof can efficiently shed water off of the roof and safely away from your building foundation this last thing is important because if water is pooling up near your foundation the excess pressure will in time cause it to crack and eventually leak.

Trim back any tree branches near your roof: 

It is recommended to prune or remove trees or limbs that are growing over the roof to avoid roof damage. Trees can also cause mold and algae growth, and caused clogs in gutter system. Branches that touch the roof will get blown back and forth across the shingles first destroying the protective granules and then the shingles itself giving water an easy entrance into your building.

roof-boot-needs to be sealed or replaced

Seal or replace if needed all pipe boots

Pipe boots are a common source of leaks. The rubber ring can wear out, or the metal can rust and deteriorate providing water with an easy entry point. Pipe boots can be temporarily sealed with a UV-stable caulk. Replacement of a pipe boot should be left to a professional roofing contractor

Repair or replace damaged or missing flashing

Replace any missing flashing effective flashing give your roof a water tight barrier around chimneys along exterior walls that touch the roof. A roofing contractor should always do this to guarantee that you have a water-tight placement and seal for which a professional roofing contractor is highly-trained to install.

Roof Flashing
damaged decking that needs replacing

Roof deck replacement

The roof deck is the inner-most layer of a roof system that protects inside the apartment from the outside. If this is damaged you should always consult a professional as replacing this requires removal of the old roofing system and then a professional re install of new shingles.