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A new roof can be quite expensive! Get the most out of your current roof before replacing it!

Utah Roof Repair

The lifetime of a residential roof varies depending on many different factors: the materials used, how skillfully the roof was originally installed, whether routine maintenance or repairs have been done, and the general climate of the area. If you live in Salt Lake City, Utah or its surrounding areas, you’ll know that the climate is far from mild. The most important of those factors are the materials used, and the temperatures of your area.



Asphalt shingle roofs generally last anywhere from 15-30 years depending on the types installed. They are also by far the most common roofing material and have been around for over 100 years. There are many types of shingles, but we’ll stick to those most common: organic and fiberglass. Organic shingles have much more asphalt in them which makes them heavier and great for wind. Glass Fiber or Fiberglass shingles are more popular because they are less expensive, and their production and installation is more cost effective. Far West Roofing uses quality shingles to ensure that your roof gets the best repair for any situation.



Salt Lake City, and Utah in general, is a very interesting place, as far as weather extremes. The summer can get incredibly hot, and the winter, incredibly cold. These extreme temperatures can wear on your roof year after year if you don’t take care of minor problems quickly.  Warm temperatures take a toll on shingle life, especially when there are short periods of extreme weather changes. This is because shingles can’t expand and contract in such a short amount of time. Temperature extremes cause cracks and tears in shingles, which are then vulnerable to water. If you have evidence of cracked or torn shingles, let us get our Salt Lake roof repair expert to you for a free evaluation.

Roof Repair

We provide free no obligation roofing estimates and consultation. We can recommend a durable roofing system that looks great to fit any budget.

Roof Repair and Maintenance

Every roof is exposed to intense elements ranging from our arid Utah summer to the unpredictable Rocky Mountain winters. While roofing materials are made to last longer than decades, sometimes severe seasons can cause further damage to your roof resulting in leaking, etc. This is why it is extremely important to perform a roof inspection with a licensed contractor at least every 2 years, especially when you notice something is different with your home or commercial building.

If you suspect that something is wrong with your roofing system give us a call for a free no-obligation roof inspection and consultation.

Signs Your Roof Needs a Repair

Unfortunately Utah sees extreme weather conditions, and tends to be a place where proper roof repair is frequently needed to extend the life of your roof. So what signs should you be watching for?

  • Missing or visibly damaged shingles
  • Curved or cracked shingles
  • Dark or wet looking shingles
  • Leaks
  • Discoloration/Stains of your ceiling or walls
  • Drooping or Sagging Roof
  • Infestation of insects or other animals
  • Visible aging of roof
  • Granules in your gutters from aging shingles

If your roof is experiencing any of these symptoms, contact us and we’ll send one of our Salt Lake roof repairmen out to inspect it. It could make the difference between making a small, inexpensive roof repair and replacing your entire roof.

Common types of Roof Damage in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake, and Utah in general is known for having harsh winters. Freezing temperatures and a lot of snow can negatively affect your roof year after year. Problems in the winter might even manifest later in the summer. Lets go over some issues that winter conditions can cause to damage your roof.

  1. Ice dams
  2. Icicles
  3. Condensation
  4. Strong winds
  5. Leaks caused by flashing
  6. Freezing gutters
  7. Hail damage
  8. Falling branches
Ice Dams

This is particularly common in Salt Lake City, Utah during the winter, and specifically on sloped roofs. As the heat in your house rises to the attic, it may melt the ice and snow at the peak of your roof. This causes water and ice to slide down to the edges and build up after refreezing causing an ice dam. Water that continues to melt gets backed up by the dam and seeps into cracks causing mold and structural damage. Ice dams can be prevented by using better insulation, and ventilation. We highly recommend having one of our roof repair specialists come take a look.

Icicles are caused when snow falls on a warm roof. The water melts and if the weather is cold enough, refreezes as its trickling off the roof. Icicles are particularly bad because they can be very heavy and pull down on the edges of your roof.

Condensation is formed when warm air hits a cold surface. Unfortunately because of our weather patterns, it is quite common to have condensation build up in Salt Lake during winter months, which creates a breeding ground for mildew or mold. This is particularly bad because it can damage the interior of your home. Older homes have a lot of trouble with this because they are not properly ventilated. If you fall into this category, let us know and we’ll have one of our roof repair experts come check your property out.

Strong Winds
Old roofs tend to have problems with strong winds, and occasionally shingles may blow off of your roof. Do not leave a roof partially covered with shingles! Have one of our Salt Lake roof repair guys out to make sure that everything is taken care of. A roof with uncovered patches can have an enormous amount of problems.

Leaks caused by Flashing
A flashing is a thin piece of metal used to protect the intersects of your roof from water. Flashings are sealed with caulk, which, over time, tends to wear and crack. Water can seep into these cracks and cause leaks, which further damage your roof. Flashings are very vulnerable and should be checked yearly to ensure optimal protection from leaks. If you want to be prepared for the winter, have one of our Salt Lake roof repair specialists out to get you a free inspection.

Freezing Gutters
Freezing gutters are very common in Salt Lake, and all over Utah, during the winter months. They are primarily caused by ice dams. In fact, most of these problems usually stem from having inadequate attic insulation. Ice dams can cause blockage in your gutters and even structural damage to them if there is enough build up. When everything melts your gutter system does not perform properly and causes leakage and a host of other problems. Salt Lake county especially has large problems with this.

Hail Damage
Although hail tends to be uncommon in Salt Lake, it is highly destructive and can cause damage to your roof unless you have properly prepared for it. If you are worried about the health of your roof, let us know and we can have a roof repair specialist out to your home quickly. They will assess the health of your roof and advise you on your options for protecting it from the coming months.

Falling Branches
During ice storms or heavy snowfall, tree limbs nearby your house may break and fall onto your roof. We highly recommend that you trim branches and assess the trees around your roof for dead spots that may break due to heavy ice.

Why Call Far West Roofing for your Salt Lake Roof Repair

We at Far West Roofing have been doing roof repair in Salt Lake city for decades. We have seen every type of issue imaginable many times. We have the experience and have fixed the issue plaguing your roof countless times before. Far West Roofing has found success by paying higher wages to our workers which keeps them around longer and ensures that they have the quality experience needed to deliver amazing customer service. If you are looking for roof repair in Salt Lake, we’ve got you covered. Call us for a free estimate and we’ll send one of our skilled owners out to assess your roof. That’s how serious we are about making sure your roof repair gets the best attention no matter how small your issue is.

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