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Saratoga Springs Roofing Needs

Saratoga Springs is a city on the west side of Utah Lake near Camp Williams. It encapsulates 21 square miles of land and was first incorporated in 1997. The city is famous for its beautiful parks, playgrounds, and, you guessed it, scalding hot springs. 

During the first decade of the 21st century, the population of Saratoga Springs grew faster than any other city in Utah. Expectedly, this boom in population means that a lot of new homes, as well as commercial and industrial property, are being constructed in the city. 

The average price of a home in Saratoga Springs is approximately $602,000, and costs have been steadily increasing year-on-year. Considering the high cost of homes, and generally high cost of living in Saratoga Springs, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the price-tag means your property will be flawless.

Unfortunately, the rapid development of homes in Saratoga County has resulted in the improper installation of roofing in many residential and business properties. This inevitably results in leakages, requiring roof repair, only for them to eventually be replaced within 10 years. 


As such, it is imperative that anyone living in the Saratoga Springs area protects themselves from the long-term inconveniences that accompany improperly installed roofs by investing in sustainable roofing that will last a lifetime. In turn, this investment can increase the value of your home if you choose a reliable roofing contractor. This blog will help you learn more about all the common roofing issues faced by residents of Saratoga Springs, and how we at Far West Roofing can help you fix you these problems through services we offer at reasonable rates.


Weather in Saratoga Springs

Saratoga county enjoys pleasant weather for most of the year. Temperatures generally range anywhere between 20* F to 90* F. While much of the year is marked by overcast conditions, the skies are clear in the period between June and September. This makes it the best time to be outdoors and make use of the county’s many beautiful parks or engage in other fun activities. The region also experiences abundant rainfall and snowfall as the year progresses.

However, Saratoga can also be very windy and it gets a lot of dust from the northern part of Utah.

How long does a roof last?

A roof’s lifespan depends on three major factors: the material, how well the roof was installed, and weather conditions that the roof is subjected to. Assuming that the roof is installed properly, here’s how long a particular roofing material will last:

  • Asphalt shingle roofs: 20 years

  • Metal roof: 50 years

  • Slate roofing: 100+ years (lifetime)

  • Clay roofing: Lifetime

  • Concrete roofing: Lifetime

  • Copper roofing: Lifetime

Common Roofing Problems in Saratoga Springs 

Since the weather in Saratoga Springs varies significantly over the course of the year, this can have a massive impact on your roofing, especially when conditions become slightly extreme. The county experiences a lot of wind as well, and these factors together can erode your roofing sooner than you expected. 

The most common roofing issue experienced by homebuyers is leakage. The issue of improper installation of roofs only exacerbates this issue, and can result in molds and stains in your attic. You can spot leakages near pipes, vents, or near the chimney. 

The strong winds in Saratoga Springs can also damage your shingles by denuding the sealant used to attach them to the roof. Broken shingles leave your home extremely vulnerable, especially during rain or snowfall, both of which are common in the county. On average, It rains every third day or approximately 120 days in a year, and damaged shingles will allow water and debris to seep into your home. This can lead to massive repair costs which can easily be avoided. 

Another source of roofing problems you may not have anticipated come from branches falling off of trees. Even small branches can cause considerable damage over time because of the friction generated from them rubbing against the roofing. 


Because of issues such as these, Far West Roofing does a lot of repair work in the area. If you notice that your shingles look aged, or have blown off the roof, give us a call as it might save you from an expensive roof replacement. However, prevention is better than a cure, and most of us don’t bother regularly inspecting our roofs until an issue arises. If it has been a while since you purchased your home, you might want us to have a look just to make sure everything is working perfectly. We will provide you with an exhaustive report to see if your roofing checks all the boxes.  

Why Choose Us?

Deciding whether to hire a professional for your roofing needs is an important decision. You could attempt things yourself, but a roofing company possesses specialized equipment and expertise to ensure that all work is carried out in the most efficient way possible. Hiring a roofer also protects you from the prospect of injuries such as falling off the roof or other accidents from mishandling tools. 

We at Far West Roofing have been providing professional roofing services in Saratoga Springs and nearby areas for over two decades now. We only work with the best materials and offer quality workmanship that is personalized for the needs of each and every customer. If you live in Saratoga and looking for a fantastic roofing contractor, look no further. Here at Far West Roofing we provide the following services in Saratoga Springs for both residential, industrial, and commercial roofing:

  • Roof Installation

Installing a new roof can be an expensive process, but it will save you money in several other areas. A defective roof can damage the internal structure of your house through leakages. During adverse weather conditions, your roof could collapse entirely and cause serious injuries to your loved ones. Moreover, a new roof will plug air leaks and ease the pressure on your HVAC system, thereby allowing it to work more efficiently with less energy. 

  • Roof Replacement

If your roof has suffered significant wear and tear over the years or you’ve suffered extensive damage from weather related incidents, you might want to look into replacing your roof. Doing so can be a long and arduous process, and you’ll want roofers that are equipped to give you the best advice for your predicament. 

  • Roofing Repairs

You could need some roof repair for various reasons, such as broken/missing shingles, loose tiles, stains on your home ceiling, rusted metal roofing, soft spots, etc. Left unattended, these issues can wreak havoc on your home, and we at Far West Housing offer free quotes for any maintenance or repair work that your roofing requires. 

  • Roof Maintenance 

Even if you don’t suspect anything is wrong with your roof, it’s always beneficial to be double sure by consulting a professional. Inspections and re-coatings can go a long way in extending the life of your roof and reduce costs in the long run. 

  • Rain Gutter Installation and Repair 

Rain gutters protect the foundations of your home, and a clogged gutter poses several risks since it can become a breeding ground for wood-eating insects or result in cracks in the foundation of your walls. If your gutters are rusted, overflowing, or otherwise damaged, consult a professional to prevent the problem from compounding. 

  • Weather Proofing

At specific times of the year, extreme weather conditions become more likely, and you’ll want to make sure your roof can combat anything nature throws at it. That is why it is important to weather proof your home by watching out for signs of wear and tear or other defects that may put you at risk. 

Other services we offer include siding, roofing for apartments or condos, etc. Far West Roofing has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We have also been awarded the ‘Best of State’ award for five years in a row between 2016 to 2020 in recognition of our outstanding roofing service and customer satisfaction. All work done by us is carried out by trained professionals equipped with the necessary skills to improve the aesthetics of your home while also protecting it from structural issues. 

Far West Roofing 

Saratoga Springs is a beautiful city with many beautiful parks and open spaces to enjoy. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Utah as more people begin living here. However, this comes with its own set of issues. The roofing on many residential, industrial and commercial properties in the city are improperly installed, which can not only pose serious problems for the structural integrity of your home, but also endanger your family. 


To prevent any major issues from arising, it is essential to have your roofing inspected and maintained regularly. We at Far West Roofing offer the highest quality services in roof repair, maintenance, installation, and so much more. If you require any assistance or work done on your roof, reach out to us and we’ll be there with you every step of the way to ensure your home is in the best condition possible.